The Greener Side of Wellness

Welcome to
The Greener Side:

find us in downtown
Eugene Oregon at

1553 Oak St

hours of operation:
Mon - Sat 9am to 10pm
Sun 11am to 8pm

Note: we accept cash only.  ATM available in the lobby. Thank you for your understanding.


Who we are

We are a licensed, Oregon, non-profit dispensary here to serve cardholders currently registered in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) as well as adults 21 and older.  On December 18, 2016 The Greener Side will activate it's OLCC license.  This will not affect our commitment to OMMP cardholders, as we will continue to serve their needs.  The Greener Side operates in strict accordance to all local and state laws including: ORS 475.300-475.346 and OAR 333.008

Our commitment to our members
We are committed to facilitating safe and legal access for sick and suffering individuals and to help remove significant barriers to obtaining medical marijuana.  We work to educate the public about the scientific and medical value of medical marijuana and eliminate the stigma associated with its use.

Our commitment to our community
TGS is a founding member of the Oregon Cannabis Industry Association: working to create best-practice standards throughout Oregon's cannabis industry and lobby for patient-focused and science-based laws.  TGS also holds the highest level membership with the National Cannabis Industry Association.  Aside from our activism, TGS holds donation drives, cleanups as well as low-income programs. 

Cannabis 101

Contact your local Representative to talk about safe access to your medicine

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