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Daily Deals

7/10 Deals
White Label Extracts 50% Off
Free nectar collector with purchase of 3 grams of dabs
White Label Extracts Pop-up 4pm - 7pm

Medible Monday - 15% off edibles
Bulk-Deal Tuesday - 10% off orders over $40 (before tax)
Eighth-Day Wednesday - $5 off premium 1/8ths
Therapeutic Thursday - 15% off tincture, topicals, and high-CBD products
Pheno-Friday - 20% off seeds
Shatterday- 15% concentrates all day (limit 2)
7g Sunday - Buy six grams of flower, receive a seventh of your choice.


VETERANS DISCOUNT - 10% off entire order honored daily as a thank you for you service.

*Discounts do not stack

Call ahead and get have your order ready before you even set foot in the door!

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